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What to do in Albenga

What to do in the surroundings

What to do, where to eat, what to see. We have it covered! We will be happy to suggest you the most authentic places to discover our land as a real Italian, not only as a tourist! We treat our guests as friends, and we are used to suggest them the places we usually go. Moreover the good thing about of Albenga, is that you are close to everything. Cinque terre, Genova, Nice, Monaco, everything is less than 2 hours away. Isn’t it wonderful?

Explore Albenga

Roman and medieval town.

On its very fertile plains (the largest in the Ligurian mountain range) are produced vegetables and flowers that, thanks to the mild climate, mature early with respect to the other regions of Italy.
Historically, it was first a Roman "municipium" and then a beautiful city from the medieval period that due to the two towers was located next to S. Gimignano. Fortunately, it is still intact for us to admire!
A must see is the Early Christian baptistery, example of Byzantine art, and the Romanesque cathedral of St. Michele. Interesting and very close to the coast (1.5 km) is the Island of Gallinara, that looks like a giant turtle in the middle of the se and it’s a regional natural reserve. Its name seems to derive from the wild hens that roamed the island in the past. Unfortunately, it is privately owned and therefore cannot be visited. It is of great historical and artistic interest thanks to the monastery where St. Martin of Tours withdrew in prayer in the IV century. The island is a destination for scuba diving to visit the statue of Christ located at around 18 meters deep.


Sandy beaches and shopping.

While Albenga through the Centa River that periodically carries into the sea large quantities of shingle with its mainly pebbly beach, at Alassio instead it is difficult to find a single stone hidden amidst the sand.
Recommended is the almost 3 km route that meets Laigueglia and that can be travelled both on the shoreline of the sea and along the actual promenade.

Our magical hinterland

Zuccarello, Castelbianco, Vendone, Verezzi, Finalborgo.

Places of history, art, culture and nature that can be reached in less than half an hour by car from Albenga. An area that offers breathtaking landscape opportunities and unforgettable experiences for lovers of the trekking, mountain biking and tourism food and wine tours.
No less interesting is the Golf of Garlenda that with its 18 hole golf course is a venue for important competitions that take place throughout the year.


The historical centre, the old harbour and the aquarium.

Genoa, with its museums, beautiful historic centre, its narrow alleyways and its Ancient Port. The Aquarium, one of the most beautiful and well stocked in the world, where you can stroll around and be amazed at the penguins, mammals and fish of every kind.
The Museum of the Sea, the Bigo, panoramic lift that ascends 40 meters offering a breathtaking view and to end the day, enjoy a meal or a delicious “focaccia” in the heart of the town where you will find bakeries and shops at every corner.

The East coast Riviera

Camogli, Portofino and the Cinque Terre.

The Golfo dei Poeti, the Golfo Paradiso, the Golfo del Tigullio, the Riviera Spezzina and the Litorale Sarzanese. Beautiful small towns, picturesque harbours and fishing villages. The sea and mountain meet creating wonderful scenic spots.

The Riviera dei Fiori and the Costa Azzurra

Sanremo, Seborga, Montecarlo and Cannes.

Crystal clear sea, wide and sandy white beaches; good food, a lively city and full of fun and nightlife. An amazing area made up of rows and expanses of olive trees, villages and many places of art and archaeology.

Walking around in Liguria

Not far from Aia de Mà you will be able to find amazing walks to do alongside the sea or in the near hinterland, which is really a precious treasure of our land. Very easy walks that we have tried ourselves, perfect to do also with the children. Here are some:

Via Julia Augusta

This is the Roman road that takes its name from the Roman Emperor Augustus and seems to reach as far as Arles and the Rhone Valley.
It starts from Pilone and following an archaeological journey that snakes through the coastal area takes in the amphitheatre and interesting Roman Necropoles before reaching Alassio.
But the most remarkable aspect of the route is a continuous view of the true Mediterranean scrub with its aromas and colours.
It seems to overlook the most beautiful balcony of Italy, with the Island of Gallinara forming the background.

Borgio Verrezzi

Another easy walk is the one that takes you from the city of Borgio to the upper city of Verezzi, where you will be able to observe a fantastic scenery of the towns of Pietra Ligure, Loano and Borghetto. It’s really breathtaking during sunset!

Final Borgo

After expoloring the historical streets of Final Borgo, it’s perfect to take a nice walk up to the Gavone Castle, from which you can enjoy the nice view of the city and the sea.

Climbing and mountain biking in the Italian Riviera

In Liguria, not far from our apartments, there are some of the most amazing places in the entire world if you would like to do some climbing in the nature or some mountain biking (or downhill). It’s really the paradise of outdoor activities. If you like to climb you will be able to find numerous routes and ways that will take you at the heart of our wonderful region. We have frequent contacts with some climbing guides that will be able to teach you, if you are a beginner, or to show you around the first day if you are already well trained! We ensure you that you will discover some secret places of our wonderful territory that will accompany your memories forever.
Mountain bike and climbing are activities that thanks to the special weather in our region, given the proximity of the Ligurian Sea, are possible to practice through out the whole year, especially from September to December.